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  • Attinbrath


1 Milliliter

"Attinbrath" - A Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Health Tonic

Experience the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda with Attinbrath, a remarkable health tonic carefully crafted from a unique blend of potent herbs and natural ingredients. Drawing inspiration from classical Ayurvedic texts, Attinbrath has been formulated to be a revitalizing elixir, promoting strength, vitality, and overall well-being.

    • Elettaria Cardamomum: Known for its aromatic flavor and medicinal properties, cardamom supports digestion and helps maintain gastrointestinal health.

    • Cinnamomum Cassia: Rich in antioxidants, Cassia enhances immunity and contributes to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

    • Pogostemon heyneanus Benth: This herb is renowned for its calming effects on the mind, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

    • Mesua Nagassarium: Supporting healthy circulation and heart function, Mesua Nagassarium is a valuable addition to Attinbrath.

    • Piper Nigrum and Piper Longum: These peppery ingredients aid in digestion, boost metabolism, and enhance nutrient absorption.

    • Illicium Verum Hook: Also known as star anise, this spice has numerous health benefits, including supporting respiratory health and promoting digestion.

    • Cuminum Cyminum: Cumin helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system and provides relief from occasional digestive discomfort.

    • Vitis Vinifera: Grape extract, a potent antioxidant, helps combat oxidative stress and contributes to overall cellular health.

    • Allium Cepa: Rich in essential nutrients, onion extract supports the body's natural defense mechanisms.

    • Saccharum Officinarum: A natural source of energy, sugarcane extract adds a touch of sweetness to Attinbrath.

    • Zingiber Officinalis: Known as ginger, it aids in digestion and boosts the immune system.

    • Goat Flesh: A unique addition, goat flesh provides a source of lean protein, essential for strength and postnatal recovery.

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