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Thaleesapathra Vadakam
  • Thaleesapathra Vadakam

Thaleesapathra Vadakam

1 Gram

Thaleesapathra Vadakam, a time-tested and carefully crafted herbal formulation to address various respiratory concerns, including coughs and asthma. This unique blend combines the therapeutic properties of 13 potent botanicals, each meticulously selected for their remarkable health benefits.

    • Saccharum officinarum: Known for its soothing properties, it helps alleviate cough and respiratory discomfort.

    • Abies spectabilis: Aids in reducing inflammation in the airways and promoting easy breathing.

    • Piper mullesua: Offers relief from respiratory issues and supports overall respiratory health.

    • Piper nigrum: Helps in reducing congestion and promoting a healthy respiratory system.

    • Piper longum: Supports clear airways and assists in easing respiratory distress.

    • Piper longum (wild var.): Known for its bronchodilatory effects, it helps improve breathing.

    • Zingiber officinale: Provides relief from cough and congestion and boosts immune function.

    • Elletaria cardamomum: Helps soothe respiratory irritation and improves respiratory health.

    • Cinnamomum verum: Known for its antispasmodic properties, it eases breathing difficulties.

    • Cinnamomum tamala: Supports the respiratory system and helps reduce respiratory discomfort.

    • Mesua ferrea: Assists in alleviating symptoms of asthma and bronchial issues.

    • Vetiveria zizanioides: Known for its cooling effect, it provides relief from cough and irritation.

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