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    Vyoshadi Vadakam


    Vyoshadi Vatakam, a time-tested herbal remedy crafted from a harmonious blend of precious botanicals carefully selected for their therapeutic properties. This traditional formulation, meticulously prepared in granule form, is a holistic solution to address rhinitis, cold, cough, and related respiratory discomforts.

      • Saccharum officinarum
      • Zingiber officinale
      • Piper nigrum
      • Piper longum
      • Abies spectabilis
      • Piper mullesua
      • Tamarindus indica
      • Garcinia pedunculata
      • Plumbago zeylenica
      • Cuminum cyminum
      • Cinnamomum verum
      • Elletaria cardamomum
      • Cinnamomum tamala
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